Chandigarh Police respond to RTI: CCTV cameras in police stations and police stations have developed problems 13,699 times in the last 5 years

A TOTAL of 157 CCTV cameras installed in 16 Police Stations and 11 Police Stations in Chandigarh have developed faults at least 13,699 times in the last five years, the response to the RTI request filed by The Indian Express reveals.

According to RTI’s response, 6,379 complaints were received from police stations where 103 out of 157 CCTV cameras were installed. No less than 7,320 complaints about various defects were received from 11 police stations where 54 CCTV cameras were installed. These cameras are usually installed in the bedroom of each Station House Officer (SHO), Police Station Manager, at the entrance of the police station/police station, in the gallery covering many rooms, including the Chief of Police’s bedroom Moharrir (MHC), who maintains the records of the police station and storage room (malkhana), the front part of the police station inside the police station, etc.

Complaints about faulty CCTV cameras were received at the Chandigarh Police Communications Wing between January 2017 and May 2022. The wing has been servicing CCTV cameras installed in police stations and police stations since 2014 .

Sources said the flaws included the cameras not working, the camera not recording, the footage not being stored and the camera being replaced.

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“Before 2014, the Chandigarh Police had an annual maintenance contract with the companies that installed the CCTV cameras. The contract was terminated in 2014, giving the communication wing the responsibility of maintaining these cameras,” said said a communications wing officer on condition of anonymity.According to RTI’s response, a maximum of 12 cameras were installed at Sector 34 Police Station, followed by 10 cameras at Sector 17 Police Station, Maloya each , eight cameras at Sector 26, Mauli Jagran, and six cameras at Sector 19, Sector 11. , Sector 3, Mani Majra, Sector 36, Sector 39 and Sector 31 Police Station each Four CCTV cameras have been installed at Sector 49 , IT Park and Women Cell Police Station, Sector 17, each.As for police stations, a maximum of eight cameras have been installed at Sukhna Lake Police Station.The smallest number of CCTV cameras – three – was ins Talled at Sector 61 Police Station and Daria Police Station each.

SP (city) Shruti Arora said: “CCTV cameras are based on technology which can develop a problem at any time. We store camera complaint data and correct defects according to procedure. It is a transparent system.

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