Carolyn Moore Unpacks How Kurt Sowers Was Off Camera With Reality Steve

From the start of Joe Millionaire: for the richest or the pooresta reboot of the Fox reality dating series Millionaire Joe, viewers thought Kurt Sowers and Carolyn Moore were endgame. But in the end, Kurt asked Amanda Pace to try a relationship with him. Now Carolyn is clear about what happened when the cameras were off. Find out what Kurt said to her backstage, plus details about the DMs he sent her after the show ended.

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‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’ star Kurt Sowers is single

Shortly after the Joe Millionaire: for the richest or the poorest finale, Kurt revealed that he and Amanda were no longer together. On March 14, the reality star shared a photo with another Millionaire Joe contestant, Whitney Young, to her Instagram Stories, writing:

“Yes I’m single. No, I don’t regret not choosing Carolyn. No, Whitney and I are not dating but we became great friends after production. Yes, sometimes I like to grow a mustache so relax.

Previously, Amanda addressed the split on March 11. fun time in my life,” she wrote in a instagram caption, continued:

“Some downsides would be really long days on set, Martins Bell, and not finding my happiness after all. Kurt and I decided we were better off as friends, so I wish him the best. All in all, I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and let my guard down to give love a chance.

Carolyn Moore says Kurt Sowers only wanted to be with her when the cameras weren’t rolling

In an interview with Reality Steve, Carolyn opened up about the things Kurt said to her off-camera. “He was saying things like… ‘How am I going to pretend to date these other women when all I want to do is be with you and see you?'” Said the Millionaire Joe Star.

During filming, Carolyn was so confident in her relationship with Kurt because of the things he said to her when the cameras weren’t rolling. She felt that Kurt was “hanging on to the connection” because he had to “put on the show”.

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“He made it very clear to me that ‘I want you, I don’t want you exploring anything with Steven [McBee]and we’re gonna be together at the end, I just gotta do my thing,” Carolyn added.

Reality Steve asked if there was any way Carolyn could have misinterpreted Kurt’s words, considering who he ultimately chose. “He was very clear,” she explained. “Very straight to the point.”

Carolyn Moore Was One of the First People to Know Kurt Sowers Was Single After ‘Joe Millionaire’ Ended

Like many of us, Reality Steve wondered if Kurt contacted Carolyn after breaking up with Amanda. “Is my name Carolyn?” she said as to whether he messaged her, adding:

“It was like clockwork. He was in my DMs immediately. I knew exactly when they broke up. He apologized for not basically picking me and admitted he made a huge mistake and said he was sorry for embarrassing me…he wanted me to know he made a big mistake.

Carolyn also said that Kurt wanted to see her privately, but she wasn’t interested. “I wish him the best,” Millionaire Joe star concluded. “We probably weren’t meant to be.”

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