Canon announces Zoemini S2 instant camera and printer



Canon today announced the Zoemini S2, one for fans of the crazy charm of instant photography.

Successor to the original Zoemini S, this is a fairly minor upgrade to the base formula of this camera. It is still an instant digital camera, that is, a simple digital camera with a zero ink printer attached. Once the shutter is pressed, the camera spits out an impression of the image on Zink paper. It works like a Polaroid or Instax camera, swapping the lo-fi charm and quality of instant film for the affordable convenience of digital printing.

The original Zoemini S made it on our list of the best instant digital cameras, and we expect this one to do too. As mentioned, this is essentially the same camera, but now it lets you add borders and filters in the camera for creative effects right on the print.

The print queue has also been improved, which means less waiting time between shots. Canon also says it should reduce “the need for frequent paper refills”, although the tray still holds a maximum of 10 sheets of Zink, just like the previous camera. It also supports circular printing, providing compatibility with ZP-Circle photo paper, so you can change the shape of your prints if you want.

(Image credit: Canon)

If you forget to load or run out of paper, no need to worry – all images can be saved to a microSD card, so nothing will be lost. You can connect the camera to your phone via Bluetooth and the Canon Mini Print app, making it easy to add custom text and signatures to images.

The camera itself has a resolution of 8 MP and a small optical viewfinder for composition. The front of the camera has a selfie mirror and light ring just like the original Zoemini S. Canon says battery life should give you around 25 prints before the camera needs recharging, with one print taking around 50 seconds to Complete.

Weighing only 188g, the Zoemini S2 is available in three colors – Dark Teal, Pearl White and Rose Gold.

The Canon Zoemini S2 is expected to be available in the UK and Ireland from mid-October, priced at £ 159.99 / € 179.99.

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