Camera store worker in Brookfield to launch in-store 5k


BROOKFIELD, WI — With all the serious stuff going on in the world, a Brookfield camera store has decided to go silly.

Troy Freund, Social Media Manager for Mike Crivello’s cameras, will organize a 5 km solo race inside the store.

The 5K race will start at 10:30 am Wednesday. The aim of the race is to offer customers discounts on used equipment.

If it runs 5K in under 35 minutes and customers get 5% off the most used hardware. If Freund runs in less than 30 minutes and customers get a 10% discount on the most used hardware.

The discount period is one week and begins November 26.

As a small business, the social media manager is always thinking about ways to attract customers to Crivello. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Freund and other staff members created videos of Zumba and magic shows. They even made some videos of Freund disguised as a robot.

Mike Crivello’s Cameras, located at 18110 W. Bluemound Road, has been in business since 1969. (Karen Pilarski, Patch Staff)

Freund said he got the idea after noticing that a staff member was walking around the store to enter.

Freund is a runner and recently completed his own Milwaukee River Greenway Ultra race. He came out with the intention of running for 12 hours to see how many miles he could cover. His result was 11 hours and got 39 miles.

A customer asks about a camera at Mike Crivello’s Cameras, located at 18110 W. Bluemound Road, November 18th. (Karen Pilarski, Patch Staff).

“I thought it would be fun to do a 5k in the store. It’s not a department store,” he laughed.

He plans to broadcast the 5k on social media. People can visit the store’s Facebook page to guess and see who can come closest to Freund’s actual running time.

“We’re going to give them something too,” he said.

Freund said it was just a local business trying to be creative.

“We embrace Troy’s eccentricity,” said Jeff Dobbs, store manager.

Flashback to photography

Mike Crivello’s cameras, located at 18110 W. Bluemound Road, were in business since 1969. The store offers photographic equipment, accessories and photographic services.

Freund, who has been employed for 10 years, said there has been an increase in photography enthusiasts since the start of the pandemic. Last spring, the store ran out of darkroom chemicals.

“I don’t remember the last time this happened. We sold because people were starting to set up their own darkrooms,” he said.

Mike Crivello’s Cameras, located at 18110 W. Bluemound Road, have seen an increase in buyers looking for used photographic equipment. (Karen Pilarski, patch staff)

He attributed to social media the new interest in older photographic equipment such as cameras.

“A 40-year-old camera will be gone in less than a week,” Freund said.

While many people depend on their smartphone cameras, the store has seen the younger generation take an interest in old school photography.

“The experience of using an old mechanical camera rather than just touching a screen is not the same experience,” he said.

Freund said that many newer photographers are adopting a hybrid of older photography and newer digital photography.

The store has a film development laboratory. Young photographers come to develop their films. Still, many photographers wish they could share the photograph right away, he said.

The store struggled to keep disposable cameras in stock.

Employee Robb Quin said customers are getting younger and younger, which the store is embracing.

“I think people are reacting to Troy’s social media and watching it. The focus is on the future,” Quin said.


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