CAMERA CAPTURE: Nashville man faces 9 charges after leading MNPD in police chase



Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) – A dramatic police chase ended in a woman’s backyard on Friday and the entire incident was captured on her Ring camera.

Metro police said the chase began after detectives spotted a stolen 2010 white Kia Forte parked near Charles E. Davis Boulevard and Lafayette Street. When detectives first attempted to stop the vehicle from leaving, police said the driver intentionally hit a detective’s unmarked car and fled.

The driver has been identified as Wil’Yhum Jakwan Green, 18. Green was wanted for driving homicide, which resulted in the deaths of Marterrious Wilkerson, 18, and Clifton J. Hamilton, 18, in March.

The detectives, along with the MNPD’s aviation unit, were involved in a short vehicle chase. According to police, Green crossed several red lights and drove through oncoming traffic at high speed.

According to the MNPD, Wil’Yhum Jakwan Green, 18, collided with a parked Nissan SUV before fleeing from the police. (Photo provided by: Margot Carter)

Eventually, Green collided with a Nissan SUV parked on Beechwood Avenue in Zone 12 South. Green and three other passengers fled.

“I took out my camera just to see, and these two kids were running around like something really was wrong,” said Margot Carter.

Carter explained that she was away from home when her Ring Camera app alerted her that someone was in her backyard. She told News 2 that she was shocked to see two men running around her yard, then a few minutes later saw a large group walk across.

“The camera went off again, and there were two policemen walking around sort of picking things up and looking for things, and I just thought it was really weird, and it seemed pretty obvious to that time they were looking for the two guys who had walked a few minutes earlier, ”Carter said.

One of the men in the vehicle, identified as 18-year-old Macarri Chirino, hid from police inside a nearby Jeep Wrangler. Carter watched the whole incident unfold, declaring that the Wrangler belonged to him.

“This woman walks straight to my Jeep and opens the door, and since everything was on film, I couldn’t really tell the guy was getting out of my Jeep, it wasn’t until later when you zoom in and look,” Carter said. .

Detectives found Chirino with a loaded Smith and Wesson handgun. Another passenger, a 16-year-old, was found with a small bag of marijuana in his pocket, police said.

“There was a guy with a loaded gun in the back of my vehicle. If I had come home in between and decided to go to the grocery store, the way it could have turned out is really scary, ”Carter said.

Green admitted to police that he was the driver of the Forte. Detectives found a loaded 9-millimeter Tauris handgun and a small bag of a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine with Green.

Green now faces nine charges for the prosecution, including vehicle assault, vehicle theft, illegal possession of firearms and two counts of escape.


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