Bushnell binoculars offers: the best prices on popular models



Bushnell has a long history in the manufacture of optics, having been founded in 1948 after David Bushnell returned from a honeymoon in Japan with two cases of binoculars which he then sold by mail order.

After moving from importing to manufacturing lenses, and having been bought and sold a few times, the company now manufactures microscopes and telescopes as well as some of the best binoculars, night vision devices, radar guns, cameras. surveillance, spotting scopes and all kinds of sights. .

There are currently shortages in the optics industry, so it can be difficult to track down some of the best Bushnell binoculars. The shortage also means that deals and discounts are scarce in the field, even with Black Friday around the corner. As such, you might want to act quickly if you see a pair that would suit your hobbies and reasonably priced.

Below is a handful of discounted models, but when we can’t find a deal on a particular model, we’ve listed it next to its lowest available price. If you’re open to other brands, you should also take a look at our roundup of the best binoculars deals, which includes names like Opticron, Nikon, and Vortex.

Best Bushnell Binoculars Deals Right Now

Below are the offers that we believe are worth highlighting. As Black Friday approaches, watch out for retailers raising the price and then lowering it, to make it look like a bigger saving. When we mention an offer here, we will always check the previous prices and the suggested retail price, to make sure that a discount is actually available.

Twin offers Trophy Xtreme

Bushnell Xtreme 8x56 Trophy

(Image credit: Bushnell’s)

Price: $ 199.99 | Goal: 56mm | Magnification: 8x | Field of view: 5.71 ° | Length: 10 inches / 254 mm | Weight: 38 oz / 1079g.

Moderate viewing angle? To verify. Huge lenses engulfing the light? To verify. They are a great fit for the stargazer and can be mounted on a tripod to compensate for their only drawback, weight.

The optics are multi-coated, the roof prism is a Bak-4 design, and the nitrogen purge means they won’t fog up. The rest of the Trophy line includes 10×50, 10×42, and 8×32 pairs, but none are as well suited to low light as these 8×56 binoculars with their massive 7mm exit pupil.

The solid rubberized coating on the outside gives them a rugged feel, which means it won’t be easy for your fingers to take them off, the Trophy Xtreme binoculars are also IP7 waterproof, so rain showers won’t be a problem. problem.

Engage binoculars offers

Bushnell Engage 10X50

(Image credit: Bushnell’s)

Price: $ 374.99 | Goal: 50mm | Magnification: 10x | Field of view: 6.45 ° | Length: 6.5 inch / 165 mm | Weight: 29.2 oz / 828 g.

A great all-rounder pair with the large lenses astronomers crave, the Bushnell Engage binoculars feature a phase-coated roof prism with fully multi-coated optics, ultra-low dispersion glass, and anti-fog, anti-fog coatings. -oil and anti-fog on the outer lenses to prevent any build-up that could spoil the view.

A magnesium body with a sturdy rubber coating loses weight, but the glass will still be heavy, and at just under a kilogram, nighttime users may want to take advantage of the tripod mount socket for extra support. .

Also available in 8×42, 10×42 and 12×50, the Engage EDX binoculars come with features you would expect from a pair costing twice as much, and therefore appear to offer exceptional value for money.

PowerView 2 Twin Offers

Bushnell PowerView 2 10x50

(Image credit: Bushnell)

Price: $ 64.99 | Goal: 50mm | Magnification: 10x | Length: 6.7 inch / 170 mm | Weight: 27.8oz / 790g.

Available in 10×50, 10×25, 10×42, 12×50, 16×32 and a powerful 20×50, the PowerView 2 range is Bushnell’s budget option. Yes, the magnification and apertures of these models are pretty impressive, but you won’t find any of Bushnell’s specialties like extra-low dispersion glass, phase coated prisms, or sealing functions.

If you’re desperate for a pair of binoculars under $ 70, these might be a good option. They are also a useful kit to carry with you when you go camping, if you are looking for something that you won’t miss too much if it gets lost or stepped on.

At least they’re not too heavy, so you shouldn’t need to buy a tripod with these. They would make a good present for a young astronomer who is just starting to take an interest in the night sky. If so, you can also take a look at our roundup of the best kid’s binoculars and best kid’s telescopes, which has plenty of other suggestions.

Legacy WP Twin Offers

The Legacy of Bushnell WP 10X50

(Image credit: Bushnell’s)

Price: $ 104.99 | Goal: 50mm | Magnification: 10x | Field of view: 6.5 ° | Length: not given | Weight: 30.5 lb / 865 g.

Absolutely excellent for the price, you get waterproof construction and multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings for a bright, high-contrast view of the Moon or Orion’s belt.

The Legacy range of binoculars only includes two pairs, the older 10×50 and a very interesting and unusual pair of zoom binoculars, which keep 10×50 as a starting point but zoom up to 22×50. That latter focal ratio may be too low for serious astro use, and certainly won’t be the easiest to maintain (luckily, there’s a tripod mount) but makes them superbly versatile as a general-purpose pair. wildlife during the day and stargazing at night.

Otherwise, the Legacy binoculars are built to Bushnell’s usual high standards, with a Porro prism design and Bak-4 glass. There’s also decent eye relief, at 18mm, which will appeal to eyeglass wearers.

Twin offers H20

H20 7X50 from Bushnell

(Image credit: Bushnell’s)

Price: $ 99.99 | Goal: 50mm | Magnification: 7x | Field of view: 5.9 ° | Length: 6.6 inch / 167 mm | Weight: 37.5 oz / 1063g.

A wider field of view with 50mm lenses to collect light, this could be exactly what astronomers are looking for.

Made from aluminum and an unusual blue color, these porro prism binoculars belong to Bushnell’s less upscale line.

That’s not to say they’re not impeccably well done, like the Bushnells are. The optics are purged with nitrogen to prevent fogging, and eyeglass wearers will be delighted to note the enormous eye relief of 27mm. What you don’t get are some fancy lens coatings or ED glass, which is a shame but understandable given the price.


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