Broome County School Bus Stop Arm Cameras Return

As parents prepare to send their children back to school, Broome County officials say school bus stop arm cameras will be working for a second year.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Last year, 3,030 violations were recorded once the stop arm cameras began rolling in June 2021.

Broome County Office of Emergency Services officials say they want motorists to remember that if they illegally pass a stopped school bus, they will be arrested and fined.

Buses throughout Broome County are fitted with numerous cameras, including ones that activate when the stop arm extends. This allows the area around the bus to be automatically recorded in video and photography with vehicles captured on film as they pass illegally, endangering the lives of children getting on and off the bus.

Under New York State Motor Vehicle Law, drivers approaching a school bus that has stopped to receive or discharge passengers and that has at least one flashing red light activated must stop and stand still until the bus continues to move or the driver signals the other vehicle to pass.

New York State law has set the penalty scale at: the initial violation results in a fine of $250, which is mailed to the registered owner of the offending vehicle. Second and third offenses within an 18-month period carry fines of $275 and $300 respectively.

Broome County’s Stop Arm program began this summer. With a summer break in July and August when there are far fewer buses on the road, 46 offenses were still recorded.

In addition to being aware of the return of school buses to the road, motorists should also remember that speed limits in school zones are back in effect and they should watch for children, especially around bus stops. buses and school facilities.

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