Black Mamba SmallRig Kit for EOS R5, R6, R5 C

SmallRig is known for its bespoke rig cages, and the latest Black Mamba matches the build quality and adjustments we’ve seen in previous releases.

Unlike camera cages that were popular a few years ago, CNC and other manufacturing techniques have allowed for much lighter and tighter fitting cages. This means the Black Mamba fits snugly around the camera, following every line of the camera body. At the same time, the exterior has a similar shape to reflect the original design rather than being boxy.

Although the exterior look of the Black Mambe is sleek, it also offers plenty of mounting threads for accessories, and high-grade aluminum has been used to ensure the right mix of strength and weight.

Mounting the Black Mamba takes seconds, with the cage sliding across the front of the camera. Unlike other cages which can be mounted as is, the Black Mamba requires you to release the small pin in the base and remove the leg bracket; once done, the cage slides over the camera.

Then the base plate screw is tightened, the strap lug plate is reinstalled and the pins at the base are tightened. All this helps to avoid any twisting of the camera. When unscrewing the pins at the base, you should not unscrew them completely as they can easily get lost.

Once the cage is installed, the ARRI Top Handle can be bolted into place, and any accessories you need can be bolted into the 1/4 or 3/8 inch threads. The cable clamp on the side is well designed with a single screw that holds it firmly in place; this can be undone so you can access the port doors, then once opened the cable can be threaded, inserted and the clamp reinstalled and tightened. It’s a bit tedious, but cable ties often are.

The Black Mamba with the Canon R5 C fitted is comfortable in the hand with everything in place. Although this adds bulk to the camera and the grip, it is still possible to operate the camera easily by hand. The ARRI top handle also provides a good comfortable carrying option; everything seems well balanced from the start.

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