Best iPhone 13 (and 13 Pro) deals for February 2022

If you’re dreaming of the iPhone 13 (or any of the other 13-series handsets), you’ve come to the right place. It’s been a few months since the new iPhones were released, and the prices have already started their descent. Winter is the perfect time to look for deals, SIM-free discounts, and contracts at great prices.

In this article, we review where to buy the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. We look at prices, UK and US retailers and all the major SIM-free and contract offers.

Those looking to dive into deals by specific handset type should check out our two more specialized roundups, covering the best iPhone 13 and 13 mini deals and the best iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max deals.

If you’re looking for broader advice, we track the best Apple deals separately.

Where to buy the iPhone 13 range

In addition to going directly to AppleHere are all the retailers currently selling the iPhone 13 lineup SIM-free, which means they’re unlocked and can be used with any network. (For the lowest SIM-free prices on each model, see the dedicated sections later in this article.)

UK retailers

US retailers

Best contract deals on the iPhone 13 lineup

You can buy the iPhone 13 from most UK contract providers.

Three and bundles a free pair of AirPods 3 (Wired also available, though Pro is currently sold out), while Virgin bundles the latest AirPods 3 with 6 months of Apple Music. Virgin also has a package that includes the new iPad 2021 with iPhone 13 mini and another batch that includes both AirPods Pro and iPad Air 4 (2020).

More than O2 you can get up to 6 months of Disney+ for free or 12 months of another streaming service.

UK networks

  • EE – Save £12/month when you trade in an iPhone X or above; Smart Benefit plans include options for two years of Apple TV+
  • Vodafone – Get £360 (guaranteed) when you trade in iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max. Save £120 in the big winter sales; plans start at £29 upfront, £42 per month (iPhone 13 mini)
  • O2 – plans start at £38.99 per month, £30 upfront for 4GB of data (cheaper for iPhone 13 mini) with free Disney+ (3 months), free 3-year warranty with select plans
  • moving sky – Plans start at £30 per month with no upfront cost for 2GB of data (iPhone 13 mini)
  • Three – Get 6 months at half price; Some plans include free AirPods and AirPods Pro
  • VirginFree AirPods 3 New iPad 2021 bundle Where AirPods Pro and iPad Air 4 (2020) Bundle

It’s also worth checking out the following retailers for competitive contract pricing and cashback offers:

American networks

Where to buy the iPhone 13 and the best deals

Best iPhone 13 mini SIM-free deals

  • 128GB: £679 / $699 / AU$1,199
  • 256GB: £779 / $799 / AU$1,369
  • 512GB: £979 / $999 / AU$1,719

The most obvious place to buy the iPhone 13 mini is directly from Apple. But there are cheaper alternatives.

eBuyer sells the 13 mini for £622.10 (a £56.90 discount). But we would also consider john lewiswhich sells for £629 and adds free delivery and a two-year warranty to sweeten the deal.

You’ll find the best deals from a wide range of retailers in our automated pricing table below.

Retailer Price Delivery

Price comparison of over 24,000 stores worldwide

Best SIM-free iPhone 13 deals

  • 128GB: £779 / $799 / AU$1,349
  • 256GB: £879 / $899 / AU$1,519
  • 512GB: £1,079 / $1,099 / AU$1,869

You can buy your iPhone 13 directly from Apple. However, we are starting to see significant savings if you go elsewhere.

eBuyer has the iPhone 13 for £722.24 (a £56.76 discount), while john lewis is only slightly more expensive (£729) and offers free delivery and a two-year warranty.

You can view the latest prices from major retailers in our automated table below.

Retailer Price Delivery

Price comparison of over 24,000 stores worldwide

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini are available in Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight (Silver White) and (Product)Red.

Best iPhone 13 Pro SIM-free deals

  • 128GB: £949 / $999 / AU$1,699
  • 256GB: £1,049 / $1,099 / AU$1,869
  • 512GB: £1,249 / $1,299 / AU$2,219
  • 1TB: £1,449 / $1,499 / AUD$2,569

You can buy the iPhone 13 Pro directly from Apple for the prices listed above. Currently, third-party retailers are sticking to Apple’s RRP, so there’s not much to be gained by shopping around.

Retailer Price Delivery

Price comparison of over 24,000 stores worldwide

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max SIM-free deals

  • 128GB: £1,049 / $1,099 / AU$1,849
  • 256GB: £1,149 / $1,199 / AUD$2019
  • 512GB: £1,349 / $1,399 / AU$2,369
  • 1TB: £1,549 / $1,599 / AUD$2,719

The above RRPs apply when you purchase the iPhone 13 Pro Max directly from Apple. You can also buy from other retailers, but as with the 13 Pro, there are currently no price discounts from Apple.

Retailer Price Delivery

Price comparison of over 24,000 stores worldwide

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are available in Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Sierra Blue.

iPhone 13 trade-in offers

It is undeniable that the prices are high. Fortunately, Apple offers trade-in deals to keep costs down.

Apple is offering between £35/$110 and £610/$790 off an iPhone 13 handset with trade-in. You can trade in handsets as old as the iPhone 6s. While UK customers can only trade in iPhone devices, US customers can also trade in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Note 20, S8 to S20+, Google Pixel 3a to Pixel 5 and LG G8 ThinQ, LG V40 ThinQ to LGV60 phones. ThinQ 5G. .

If you spread the cost of the phone on a monthly basis, Apple will reduce the monthly amount. If you pay in full, Apple will credit your payment method for the trade-in value after we receive your old device. You should receive the iPhone 13 handset within 14 days if your old handset meets all trade-in requirements.

In the United States, Apple also offers exchange offers with network operators that offer a $200 credit. If you opt for AT&T or Verizon, you’ll need to redeem directly through Apple online or in-store. If you opt for T-Mobile/Sprint, you will also need to change your plan to Magenta Max with T-Mobile/Sprint. In addition to Apple’s $200, activating the new handset can reduce monthly line rental costs by an additional $500.

Head over to Apple US to see its network takeover offers:

What’s new in iPhone 13 phones?

While the 5G handsets look quite similar to phones in the iPhone 12 lineup, the upgrade introduces a few key changes.

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini both offer new Super Retina XDR displays that are 28 per cent brighter than the previous generation, peaking at 1200 nits – although Apple manages to make them more energy efficient too.

Under the hood, both phones offer the all-new A15 Bionic chip, moving up from the A14 in the iPhone 12. The A15 offers a 6-core processor (2 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores) and a GPU to 4 cores, enabling phones to run up to “50% faster than the competition”. You can also expect better battery life. (You’ll also find the A15 on the brand new iPad mini – this is where you can buy one)

As for the cameras, the iPhone 13 and 13 mini offer better low-light performance with support for Smart HDR 4. There is also a new Photographic Styles feature that allows users to save photo settings while a new cinematic video mode allows users to record with shallow depth of field in 1080p (30fps quality).

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max bring additional features (that is, including those that the 13 and 13 mini bring to the table). For starters, both offer adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz. The new camera lenses also introduce larger apertures, while optical zoom extends up to 6x (compared to 4x on the iPhone 12). The 13 Pro and 13 Pro also run on the A15 Bionic chip, but with 5 GPU cores for super-fast graphics.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the specs and features of the iPhone 13 lineup, check out our in-depth review of the full iPhone 13 lineup for everything there is to know about the phones. If you missed Apple’s launch event, here’s everything announced.

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