Best Chaos Glaivier Dungeon Build

The Glaivier was the first class added after the initial launch of Lost Ark. They have great offensive and defensive capabilities through the use of swapping between two weapons; a Spear and one Sword. We’re going to walk you through an interesting build we’ve come up with that makes clearing Chaos Dungeons even easier than you thought. This build will help both new and more experienced Glaivier players who want to speed up their Chaos Dungeon runs.

There are many builds you can build depending on how you want to play the class, however, the build we picked relies on a lesser-known engraving. It is often overlooked in other forms of content, but the Preemptive Strike Combat Engraving is one of the best choices to make in Chaos Dungeons. (A more detailed explanation can be found here). In addition, we have chosen to also include the Summit Class burning to further improve clearing time. The Control Engraving is also useful but doesn’t give quite the same versatility as red spear skills.

Glaivier using a preemptive strike in a Chaos dungeon

Skills to use in Chaos Dungeons as Glaivier

At first, wait until the majority of enemies have spawned, then keep moving so you don’t take too much damage. Once you see the enemies grouped together, take them all out with powerful smash abilities such as Chained blue dragon, Raging Dragon Strike, Windbreakand cut the wind. All of these skills should be able to one hit kill normal enemies. Use the remaining skills to clean up and generate more Identity Gauge. Once it’s full, switch to the red spear position and use red dragon horn, star leap, and Thrust of Destruction. Again, use the remaining skills to generate more Identity Gauge and switch back to Glaive stance skills and repeat.

In the next areaeliminate named enemies by rounding them up and use either Chained blue dragonWhere red dragon horn (depending on the position you are in). Try to kill 2 or 3 of them as that should be enough to reset all your cooldowns so they are ready for the next group of named enemies. Use the remaining skills to clear the rest of the normal enemies. Once more the named enemies appear, repeat the process.

For the type of challenge enemy at the end of this area, or use the red dragon horn or your Awakening Skill to ship them quickly.

Here is a table detailing the Glaivier skills to choose from as well as a brief description of the purpose of this skill. The skills below are sorted by the target they work well against (in order of lowest to highest HP: normal, named, challenge, boss).

Target Skill Tripods Rune The description
Normal Skip None A low priority skill used as fill damage.
Normal Half Moon Slash Burst Expertise
Double upper slash
None A low priority skill used as fill damage.
Normal soul cutter Firepower Control
Quick step
wind wind A low priority skill used as fill damage.
Normal Lightning Kick Excellent mobility
Detection of weak points
Air raid
Quick charge A low priority skill used as fill damage.
Normal Windbreak Bind the feet
Burst Expertise
Quick charge Erase Normal really good enemies.
Normal cut the wind Quick preparation
None Erase Normal really good enemies.
Normal Thrust of Destruction Shield
Detection of weak points
air thrust
None Erase Normal and Appointed really good enemies. Shield is great for mitigating damage
Normal, named Raging Dragon Strike Quick preparation
Quick hit
wind wind A High damaging skill; which erases named enemies well
Normal, named Starfall Leap Wide angle attack
Firepower Control
wind wind Erase Normal and Appointed really good enemies.
Named, Challenge Chained blue dragon Quick preparation
Final decision
None A Very high damaging skill that eliminates named enemies well
Challenge, boss
red dragon horn Firepower Control
Evolving technology
Detection of weak points
wind wind The The highest damaging ability.

Engraving Priority for Chaos Dungeons

For the Glaivier, here are the Engravings you can prioritize for Chaos Dungeons using the Preemptive Strike build:

  • #1: Preemptive Strike
    • Criticism Guaranteed on challenge-type monsters or lower with full HP.
  • #2: Summit
    • Class Engraving that has a higher overall damage potential; access to red skills that mitigate damage and an ability that kills almost everything in Chaos Dungeons: Red Dragon’s Horn
  • #3: Sharp Blunt Weapon
    • Increases critical damage; a chance to reduce damage

Here are the engravings that are additional to the Glaivier class in general.

  • raid captain
    • Increases damage based on movement speed
  • Ambush Master
    • Increases counterattack damage
  • Any attack on
    • Increases the speed and damage of hold and cast skills.
  • Mass increase
    • Increases the damage of attacks that are not rear or frontal attacks.
  • Grudge*
    • Increase damage inflicted and received (*only recommended at level 3)
  • cursed doll*
    • Increases damage inflicted and reduces healing received (*only recommended at level 3)

Priority to Glavier Gems in Chaos Dungeons

As detailed in the skill chart above, the 4 most damaging skills should be the focus of damage reduction and cooldown gems. This will be useful not only for Chaos Dungeons, but also for other types of content.

  • #1: red dragon horn – Damage
  • #2: red dragon horn – Chill
  • #3: Chained blue dragon – Damage
  • #4: Chained blue dragon – Chill
  • #5: Raging Dragon Strike – Damage
  • #6: Raging Dragon Strike – Chill
  • #seven: Starfall Leap – Damage
  • #8: Starfall Leap – Chill
  • #9: cut the wind – Damage
  • #ten: cut the wind – Chill
  • #11: Windbreak – Damage

Statistics Allocation

The attribution of statistics comes from accessories (necklace, earring and rings). It can be very expensive to have a different set of attachments for Chaos Dungeons, so you should choose these stats based on the class burn you have chosen to play.

  • For the Summit Class Burn, Stat priority should focus on Specialization first for increased damage when swapping weapons, followed by Speed Where critical.
  • For the Control Class Burn, Stat priority should focus on Speed first for cooldown reductions, followed by critical.

Tripod Skill Tree Effects

To Transfer Skill Tree NPC, you need to transfer Tripod skill tree effects from looted gear to your equipped gear (remember to also save them in the Tripod Inventory tab for multiple builds). Not all tripods can be upgraded, so here are the tripods that can be affected by skill tree effects used in this version of Chaos Dungeon:

  1. Half Moon Slash: Burst Expertise, Double upper slash
  2. soul cutter: Firepower Control, Quick step
  3. Lightning Kick: Detection of weak points
  4. Windbreak: Burst Expertise
  5. cut the wind: Quick preparation
  6. Thrust of Destruction: Shield, Detection of weak points, air thrust
  7. Raging Dragon Strike: Quick preparation, Quick hit
  8. Starfall Leap: Firepower control
  9. Chained blue dragon: Quick preparation, Blitz, Final decision
  10. Horn of the Red Dragon: Evolving technology, Detection of weak points

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