ASO’s new body cameras provide a new layer of security for MPs


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ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) – Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies are currently training with their latest tech addition: body cameras.

The Sheriff’s Office has signed a five-year contract with the Body Worn utility, whose cameras are based on cell phones.

“Each of the MPs took a four-hour course on how to use the body-worn camera. [and] how to access the web-based system that allows us to access the videos, ”said Lt. James Coonce.

The cameras will be connected to a mobile device inside the patrol cars called a “rocket”. This allows cell phone cameras to connect to wifi and upload images to the web.

“We wanted him to upload the videos to mobile so the deputy didn’t have to come back to the station,” Lt. Coonce said.

They also wanted the camera to be transparent with the vest that MPs wear on a daily basis.

Coonce says these cameras will provide a valuable resource to MPs in times of danger.

“The Body Worn camera has a warning system that basically alerts all users if a camera remains horizontal for more than a minute,” Lt. Coonce said, “it alerts that there could be something who does not go.

There are 190 body worn cameras and they are currently in use in the field.

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