Anniston installs new security cameras

ANNISTON, Alabama (WBRC) – The Anniston Police Department installs six more cameras as another security measure in the community. These new cameras are part of a partnership between the city and the McClellan Development Authority.

The department already uses about fifteen cameras throughout the city. Now the McLellan Development Authority is spending $40,000 to purchase four new cameras for Anniston Police to install in this area. The department is also using grant money to install one directly in front of Zinn Park and 18th Street and Rocky Hollow Road.

Anniston’s New Security Cameras(Bria Chatman/WBRC)

Chief Nick Bowles says the goal is to use these cameras as additional security and as a way to deter people from committing crimes.

“We want people to see it,” says Bowles. “We want that to deter anyone from doing anything, maybe if they want to do a little mischief and we want other people to see that and feel safe. Know that they are being watched. All of these feeds arrive at the police department. We can see everything. If something happens, we can go back and look into it. If something is happening in real time, duty supervisors can pick it up. »

Chief Bowles says it will take about six months to install the new cameras.

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