Amazon would now put its cameras in smart refrigerators



Amazon apparently makes a smart refrigerator, because why not. The tech giant’s fingers are already in virtually every other jar.

An insider report revealed on Tuesday that Amazon had turned its invasive eye on large coolers, developing a new refrigerator full of cameras. Using the technology employed in its Amazon Go stores without cashier, Amazon’s smart refrigerator will be able to automatically scan its contents to see what’s open or expiring and let you know. It will also be able to keep track of what’s in your fridge and what you tend to buy, and predict what you want.

Other features are said to be in development, including the ability to provide nutritional information, as well as recipe suggestions to help use expired ingredients. Whether any of these recipes will actually be good is another question.

And, of course, the refrigerator will likely work with Amazon purchasing services such as Amazon Fresh and Whole foods to facilitate grocery delivery orders. Whereas smart refrigerators that track your inventory are already a lot a thing, integrating Amazon’s grocery services will likely be a major selling point for its refrigerator. An Amazon product without Amazon shopping integration is not an Amazon product at all.

When contacted for comment, an Amazon spokesperson told Mashable the company is not commenting on the rumors or speculation.


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Insider also reports that Amazon is looking for a home appliance company to partner with for manufacturing, which makes sense given that refrigeration is a new area for the company. This isn’t the first time Amazon has ventured into the world of kitchen appliances, however. The company previously launched an Alexa-enabled microwave in 2018, to mixed Home To better.

An international team of less than 100 has reportedly worked on the Amazon refrigerator for two years, with the company contributing at least $ 50 million a year to it. However, there’s no guarantee that Alexa will be hiding in your fridge cavity anytime soon – or not at all, as Amazon’s smart fridge project could very well be scrapped before it reaches consumers. It’s not uncommon for tech projects to fall apart after simply failing to come to fruition.

Either way, it’s just nice to know that Amazon continues to diligently navigate every facet of our daily lives. So much the better for funding Bezos’ complacent space penis rides.

UPDATE: October 7, 2021, 1:58 p.m. AEDT This article has been updated with the response from Amazon.


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