Abuja gets a KSM youth arm



The Highest Magnificent Knights (KSM) of the Knights of St. Murumba have launched a Youth Unit of the Abuja Deputy Council of Abuja. The event began with the celebration of the Holy Mass, led by the Reverend Father. (Professor) Pastor Abuja Metro of KSM, Moses Olhunger.

The Abuja Order sub-council, the mother council of KSM in Abuja, was the first council to be launched in 1990 and has so far established 14 sub-councils in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT ).

The latest grand opening is considered another pioneering record in the metro and comes only after such a feat by the Metropolitan Council of Calabar and Lagos in Nigeria.

Therefore, the Calabar and Lagos Metropolitan Councils pioneered the inauguration of YSM in Nigeria, followed by the Abuja Metro Council, headed by the Abuja sub-council.

Manage the membership greetings of 38 young people at a ceremony held at the Queen of Our Lady of Nigeria Cathedral, Zone 3 Garchiabja, the “Precious” Lord Knight. Diamond of Arae reminds young people that getting into their order places awkward work on their actions and behaviors, leaving them untouched and to be emulated. I urged other young people to lead by example.

Represented by the Deputy Supreme Knight. (Dr.) Charles Muberedo therefore blamed the young people. “As the youth of St. Murumba, your honor and integrity are at stake. You must measure it because your actions and omissions must now be watched. Is a light on so others can see it. You have to be very careful. I am glad that two of your members got married in church prior to this inauguration. If you are sincere, you are a boy and a girl. Don’t get pregnant suddenly. YSM is not where you come from, get along and be ashamed of the order. “

He argued that the take-off of YSM now guarantees a dynamic successor, so that KSM can now sleep better.

At that time Sir Michael Mutomga Ole, Metro Grand Night of Abuja Metro, was happy that the inauguration took place during his tenure. He assured the Supreme Knight that he would return to Abuja soon for the inauguration of another branch of the YSM Minor Council.

The Deputy Grand Knight of the Metro, Sir (Dr) Frank Odafen, to the god that a great dreamlike thing came true five years later under the term “worthy” Grand Knight of the sub-council of Abuja. The idea of ​​gratitude was given.

“It is nice to realize that what we dreamed of about five years ago has come true today at this inauguration. Martin Divan, the current “worthy” deputy knight of the Council of Abuja. Sir Abuja must salute his tireless efforts to bring this vision to life today. With this inauguration, Abuja’s KSM sub-council is now standing on a tripod. That is to say: the knights; women and now young people. That’s it, ”added Sir Odafen.


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