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There is no doubt that social media plays an important role in our daily life and as a result, many of us are constantly taking pictures of ourselves. It’s the century of the selfie, after all. So it’s no surprise that camera lighting has become a hot topic. While there’s nothing wrong with relying on a little natural sunlight to brighten up your selfie, sometimes using the sun alone can lead to challenges like shadows and reflections. And for those of you who live in an apartment in New York City, where it’s often difficult to get plenty of natural light, you’ll want to listen. Our secret for you? Invest in a good quality ring light.

A ring light is very different from your regular lamp or light fixture. It’s a circular strip of LED lights that helps minimize shadows and increase the quality of a photo by illuminating every angle of your face. Ring lights are great to use for any occasion that requires you to be in front of the camera, whether you want to look good for an online video call, or even film a makeup tutorial, but we’re here to talk specifically about the best ring lights. which help you capture the perfect selfie! From small portable ring lights that fit your phone to larger ring lights that attach to a tripod, we have a range of options for you.

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Neewer 18 “Selfie Ring Light

The 18 inch Neewer Ring Light features a control dial that allows you to choose from a variety of lighting temperatures, making it ideal for adjusting the brightness to suit various lighting requirements.


TONOR 12 “Large Selfie Ring Light


Whellen Selfie Light Ring

Do you want good lighting on the go? This 3.5 inch portable selfie ring light clips right onto your phone and provides three different light measurements: hot, cold, and hot-cold.


UBeesize 10 “Selfie Ring Light

Taking a selfie is all about getting the perfect angle, and with the UBeesize 10 “Selfie Ring Light, that’s exactly what you can do! This tripod features a 3-way panoramic head and a handle that can move your phone in multiple directions.


Sunpak – 12 “Two-Color Vlogging Kit

The Sunpak Two-Color Vlogging Kit – 12 “includes a Bluetooth remote control for iPhone and Android, which allows you to take photos and start or stop videos up to 30 feet away with one click,


Godox LR120 12 ” LED Ring Light

Want to take a seated selfie? The Godox LR120 12 ” LED Ring Light features an adjustable stand, so you can easily adjust the ring light to your preferred height when sitting at a desk or table.


Socialite flexible arm phone holder

Although many ring lights are often attached to a tripod, this Socialite ring light is connected to a clamp, which can easily be hung on a desk, table or even a nightstand.

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