5 camera gear every photography lover should own

You might study a photography course or buy a camera out of passion, but what you really need to know is that to get clear images, your camera needs to be healthy too. Using a normal cotton towel to clean lenses or rough handling, drop your camera all and then destroy the whole thing in no time. So to protect your expensive camera, check out these 5 products from Amazon.

Wrist Grip Camera Strap

Do you have shaky hands and worry about dropping your camera or clicking pictures? This western grip tape will ensure you are in your place of comfort while clicking pictures. It also helps you balance the weight of the camera and hold it firmly. The adjustable strap and microfiber padding ensure a solid and comfortable grip.

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A tripod is essential for shooting steady videos and images. You can easily change the camera orientation from portrait to landscape and almost any angle in between with the convenient tilt motion. The tripod’s three-way head allows for ultimate versatility.


Price: Rs 349

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Camera cleaning kit

Cleaning your lenses and camera from time to time is important for its long life. This cleaning kit makes it easy to clean dirt and dust effectively removing smudges and fingerprints from lenses, LCD screens and other optics.


Price: Rs 249

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camera bag

Use a safe, padded bag to keep every part of your camera safe. Equipped with accessory pockets, soft lining, adjustable dividers and a raincoat, this is one of the best bags you need to own!


Price: Rs 2499

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Dry cabinet with humidity controller

This camera lens storage is one of the safest dry boxes available as it features thermoelectric cooling technology that protects your items from moisture, moths, mildew, rust, dust, mold, fungus, rust, oxidation, warping, etc.


Price: Rs 7550

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