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When many of us first invested in our Nikon cameras, the first photos we took were of our loved ones. In this issue Paul Wilkinson, portrait pro and regular N-Photo columnist, shares 25 great tips and techniques for improving your people photos.

Strolling through the capital’s seedy streets, architectural photographer Ben Moore shows that it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks, persuading his stubborn octogenarian apprentice to embrace the benefits of digital.

This month’s interviewee is conceptual photographer García de Marina, who combines everyday objects to produce art photos that represent much more than their components.

In our Gear section, we test Nikon’s first Z-mount super-tele zoom, the Z 100-400mm. It’s a cracking but expensive lens, so in our Big Test we compare eight great value mirrorless optics, all under £500/$500. We’re also rounding up five digital photo frames to showcase your snaps.

We explain depth of field in depth in Nikon Know-How. And in our Nikon Skills section, we show you how to edit images in-camera, shoot oil and water abstracts, use ‘Holy Trinity’ lenses for landscapes, and create photos of toys at larger-than-life forced perspective.

And as a special bonus, we’re giving away a free Nikon Beginner’s Handbook, with everything you need to get started with your Nikon camera!

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Back issues of N-Photo are available online

Back issues of N-Photo are available online (Image credit: future)

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