10 camera accessories to take better travel photos

Professional travel photographers know what it takes to get a great shot no matter what unexpected happens during their adventures. Not only are they highly skilled and well trained, but they know the right equipment to maximize their success in any photo shoot.

However, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take breathtaking photos on your travels. These accessories and tools can help you get great shots in all kinds of weather and situations, and they can protect your camera and other photography gear along the way.

MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger

MIOPS Smart+ helps your camera become a high-speed capture device — Photo courtesy of MIOPS

Getting the right shot when traveling is tough when things are changing fast. In fact, sometimes the biggest challenge when trying to take an outdoor photo is not being fast enough to capture wildlife or take an action shot of your family.

the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger lets you take travel photos that would otherwise be impossible to capture. It can also help you take time-lapse photos if you want to capture photos of an event as it unfolds. Plus, whether you’re a storm chaser trying to capture lightning or just want photos of your kids in motion on a hiking adventure, the camera shutter can be a game-changer for your photography.

Kogalla RA UltRA trail light

Mount the Kogalla RA UltRA Trail Light to easily snap photos while you're in the midst of adventuresMount the Kogalla RA UltRA Trail Light to easily snap photos while you’re in the middle of adventures — Photo courtesy of Kogalla

If you’re a traveler who loves nighttime outdoor adventures, you might have encountered a lot of challenges when trying to take photos at night. the Kogalla RA UltRA trail light is much brighter than a headlight and casts warm light over a wide area to help you take great photos.

The light comes with everything you need to attach it to your gear, so you can hold the camera in your hands without worrying about the light. You can attach the light to any part of your clothes that suits you best and the photos you want to take. Travel photographers like the trail light because of its color temperature (5000K) and even light distribution.

Moment Tele 58mm Lens

The Moment Tele 58mm lens is an innovative lens ideal for travelersThe Moment Tele 58mm lens is an innovative lens ideal for travelers — Photo courtesy of Moment

Travel can be demanding in many ways, and it’s not always possible to have your precious camera on hand with all your gear. If you only have your smartphone with you, you can always be ready to take dynamic, high-quality photos when you have the Moment Tele 58mm Lens at hand.

Designed to work with the latest Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and Google devices that use an M Series Camera Case, this lens was created to help you capture great cell phone photos. It’s been made with the same materials used to make high-end 4K film lenses, and it includes a microfiber lens cap and carrying bag.

National Geographic Travel Photo Tripod Kit

The National Geographic Travel Photo Tripod Kit is a great option for travel photographersThe National Geographic Travel Photo Tripod Kit is a great option for travel photographers — Photo courtesy of National Geographic

the National Geographic Travel Photo Tripod Kit was created to travel well and help you get sharp, steady shots on the go. It can easily handle tough conditions as it has three leg angle stops that you can install on almost any indoor or outdoor surface. It’s lightweight and compact, so you can comfortably carry it around or store it in a secure gym bag or camera bag.

This tripod is also designed to be set up quickly when you come across something you need to shoot quickly. It features a five-section twist-lock mechanism to help you remove the tripod and use it quickly. It is also aesthetic with the National Geographic logo on the legs and its carrying bag.

Peak Design Camera Cubes with Travel Bag

Peak Design Camera Cubes keep your camera and gear safe on short or long tripsPeak Design Camera Cubes keep your camera and gear safe on short or long trips — Photo courtesy of Peak Design

It is essential to keep your camera, lenses and other photographic equipment safe while travelling. After all, you won’t get good photos if your camera gets damaged en route to your destination. A practical and effective solution consists in coupling the Camera cubes with their travel backpack or travel bag.

Camera Cubes mount securely to Peak Design travel bags, and you can customize them to perfectly fit the camera and gear you’re carrying with you. There is also a movable pocket for lens caps, filters and other small accessories. They’re fair trade certified and 100% carbon neutral, so you can feel good about this choice on all counts.

LensPen DSLR Pro Camera Cleaning Kit

Having a way to keep your lens clean while on the go is very importantHaving a way to keep your lens clean while on the go is very important – Photo courtesy of LensPen

Nothing will spoil a stellar shot as quickly as a dirty lens. Have a LensPen cleaning kit handy will help you quickly clean the lens and get back to shooting.

The LensPen was created to safely remove dust, grease and fingerprints. It can be used to clean filters, viewfinders and other delicate photo equipment. It is an ideal product for travel because it does not contain potentially messy liquids. It is also compact in size.

Moment Minimalist Camera Strap

The Moment Minimalist camera strap allows great flexibility during hectic travel situationsMoment Minimalist camera strap allows for great flexibility in hectic travel situations – Photo courtesy of Moment

Having your camera easily accessible is essential for capturing spontaneous moments of wonder and wonder during your travels. Having a durable, comfortable, and convenient camera strap can help you have your camera always close at hand. the Moment Minimalist Camera Strap is designed to carry DLSR cameras, and it can also hold a smartphone or smaller camera.

This camera strap is designed to be strong enough for an outdoor adventurer, with a nylon lace strap for ultimate durability. Travelers who spend a lot of time hiking and doing other sports especially appreciate the fact that they can slip on this strap, quickly attach the camera and go.

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover

Altura Photo Professional Rain CoverAltura Photo Professional Rain Cover — Photo courtesy of Altura

Any frequent traveler has had many plans ruined by sudden changes in the weather. If you’re shooting outdoors, you never know when you might get caught in unexpected wind or rain. the Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover was created to protect DSLR cameras from weather damage.

This cover can protect your camera from snow, salt spray, rain and more. It’s made of waterproof nylon but has a super clear window so you can still take pictures as needed. It has adjustable sleeves and a nylon zipper to give you continuous access to the camera when also covered.

MIOPS+ slider

The MIOPS Slider+ is a revolutionary tool for photographersThe MIOPS Slider+ is a revolutionary tool for photographers – Photo courtesy of MIOPS

the MIOPS+ slider gives you an easy way to create time-lapse videos with your camera. It also doubles as a focus tool to help you take the sharpest series of images. It helps you adjust the camera position to take multiple photos focused on different points.

This is a portable, motorized camera slider to simplify the complex aspects of travel photography. Since the MIOPS Slider+ does not need to be assembled on site, it is ideal for the unpredictability of travel. You can charge the built-in battery via USB, and it has a tripod mounting screw as well as a camera mounting screw.

Moment MTW Drum Organizer Pouch

The MTW Moment Battery Storage Pouch is especially useful when you need to change batteries quicklyThe MTW Moment Battery Storage Pouch is especially useful when you need to change batteries quickly — Photo courtesy of Moment

Professional and amateur travel photographers need to have extra camera batteries on hand. Moments battery organizer pouch will help keep your batteries organized so you can quickly change your camera battery on the fly without missing a beat (or a great shot). This pouch is a reliable way to make sure you can grab one and go.

It also has a pocket for used batteries, so you don’t waste time testing your batteries to see which are charged and which are not. If you go on a lot of outdoor adventures, having extra charged batteries on hand is a must.

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